Deskmat / TCG Playmat / Mousepad FAQ

3mm VS 4mm

Do you have 4mm/5mm??

Why we Choose 3mm ??

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Non water proof VS water proof

Why we choose non water proof ??

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How to clean Deskmat?

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Short FAQ

What are the differences between these three products?

  • Same thing

In fact, these three products are the same thing, the difference between them is only the size.

Why is the actual size of my product different from the product description?

All products inherently have tolerances during the production process.

Especially this kind of elastic rubber product will withstand high temperature and pressure and the process of edge sealing during the production process.

It is normal to have a tolerance of ± 1 to 2 centimeters

Does this product have a rubber smell?

  • Have Strong rubber smell

Our products are made by rubber, especially the taste of finished rubber that has just been printed will be more intense. But as time goes by, the smell of rubber will gradually fade.

Product life

  • 3 Years++

The specific product life depends on the usage conditions, and the product will affect the product life with oxidation, humidity, temperature and other factors.

Can i custom size ?

  • Cannot

Our raw materials are already cut, so we cannot customize the size.