Dye Sub T-shirt Artwork Guideline

Dye Sub T-shirt Artwork Guideline

  • Do this

    ✔️Artwork Follow Printing Size

    ✔️High Resolution Picture

    ✔️Important things Don't over Safe Zone

    ✔️CMYK Mode

    ✔️Create Outline

    ✔️Save with Include Linked Files

    ✔️Flip your Artwork

  • Don't do this

    Low Resolution Picture

    ❌Important things over Safe Zone

    RGB Mode

    ❌No Create Outline

    ❌No Save with Include Linked Files

    ❌No Flip your Artwork

  • Please understand that when you see your pictures on the computer, they are presented through the monitor and light and shadow special effects.
  • The actual printed product will be different than what you see on the screen.
  • Size may be different ± 5% from the actual product.

Dye-Sublimation T-shirt