Keycaps FAQ

Dye-sub Vs Doubleshot

Breaking the Myths of Dye-sub Keycaps from a Manufacturing Perspective

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Dye-sub Keycaps Feature and Limited

Detailed information about Dye-sub Keycaps , and explain what problem we solved

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Where can i buy a keyboard that is compatible with custom keycap?

Too many money , don't know where to spend ?

Think twice before clicking on this link.
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How to check my keyboard is suitable for custom keycaps?

Here are a few tips to help you quickly identify whether your keyboard is suitable for custom keycaps.

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Short FAQ

I need some people help me build custom keyboard , can you help me build ?

  • Cannot , we are not customized keyboard experts , we just focus on production .

you can contact KD X JJ they are customized keyboard experts , you can make requests to them , and they will meet your needs.

Do you guy do custom keycaps?

  • No , our production capacity does not allow us to provide these services

But we know malaysia got other vendor sell custom keycaps , you can contact The Kapco and Goblintechkeys.

Do you guys make double-shot keycaps ?

  • No

The production tools required for these two products are completely different, and the technology nodes are also completely different.
After our research, Malaysia’s demand cannot meet such a factory. If we set up such a production line, we will face the problem of overcapacity.

Do you guys shipping worldwide?

  • At this stage, we do not offer worldwide delivery services.

At this stage, our primary focus is on serving local customers and continuously improving our product quality. We will consider selling to other countries in the future.